La Barrique du Fond, Winery liquor store in Maulévrier

Tasting and discovering wines, locally crafted beers , rhums and whisky often requires the help of a commited professional. This is what I offer in my store, at the heart of the Loire Valley wine terroirs .
I do not speak English, but I do pay attention to my customer's need.


Extensive selection of French wines from varied terroirs

Discover new flavours and origins everytime you visit la Barrique du Fond. I take the care to listen to your projects, recipies, prefered wines and propose you THE wines that fits your needs. The unique wealth and diversity of French winemaking truly is a never ending source of pleasure. We aim at offering the best of it for any occasion and taste.


Whiskys and rhums for connoisseurs

The rhums and whiskys offered in our store originate from varied places. I select an assortment based on high quality and unique features. Our range is very dinstinctive and miles away from standardisedretail chains assortments.

Bulk and Wine in box

Bulk wines and large packs: both quality and quantity

As to wine in bulk and Wine in box, i can offer solutions for all special occasions. Over a dozen of different wine origins are available, combining both quality, competitive prices and practical aspects.


A selection of beers with interesting features

Beers are now brewed in many different places in France, even very locally. La Barrique du Fond proposes a selection of refined local beers and classics. We also offer draft beer equipement and beer keg to enable you to enjoy the beer type that you want in the best conditions at home.

Draft beer equipement renting and service

tireuse à bière et fûts

Draft beer equipment and kegs.We supply you with all the necessary equipment for your gatherings.

coffrets cadeaux oenologiques

Gifts and oenology articles according to the season and occasion

Caviste La Barrique du Fond

Vintage distiller in Maulévrier, near Cholet